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Groups work differently from blogs and other forms of content marketing. They work differently from Facebook pages even! And that’s why they need a completely different approach.

The good news is, I've produced a video guide on how you can get started starting today.

How This Will Benefit You

You will learn precisely the steps and methods to starting and launching your very own Facebook group, and will see how to make your new community thrive in ways that you could only imagine.

You’ll discover the secret sauce that makes a successful Facebook group versus an unsuccessful one, you’ll learn about entirely new ways to use groups and reach your audience, and you’ll be able to start seeing the results in DAYS.
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A Quick Overview Of What You'll Discover

  • How to create a Facebook group by following step-by-step instructions that ANYONE can follow and understand
  • How to avoid common mistakes by choosing the right settings, description, photo, and more
  • How to create a private, exclusive community that will MASSIVELY increase your engagement
  • Advanced techniques. Link your page to your groups, use WordPress widgets, and conduct group stories
  • Understand the core business concepts that drive the success of Facebook groups and make them so valuable
  • How to generate buzz and excitement in your group and create a real sense of community and value for its members
  • Integrate your Facebook groups marketing strategy with your broader campaign - combine a Facebook group with your Facebook group, blog, and other social accounts and see CRAZY growth
  • How to use your group to conduct market research that would be worth thousands
  • Explore powerful tools, apps, and tricks that will help you to manage your Facebook group while you sleep
  • Avoid getting into trouble with Facebook and learn to manage your members and maintain a civil tone
  • Amazing growth hacks that can help you to get hundreds of new members every SINGLE day
  • how success in your Facebook group can lead to success for your entire business
  • Plus a whole lot more...
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What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 10 files


2 mins
Lesson 1: 3 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group Fast
3 mins
Lesson 2: 5 Best Practices For Managing a Facebook Group
3 mins
Lesson 3: 5 Mistakes Facebook Group Owners Make
3 mins
Lesson 4: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Group
3 mins
Lesson 5: 5 Top Uses For Facebook Groups In Business
3 mins
Lesson 6: 7 Tips to Help You Grow Your Facebook Group
3 mins
Lesson 7: How To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Group
3 mins
Lesson 8: How To Set Up a Facebook Group For Business
2 mins
Lesson 9: The Difference Between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups
3 mins
Lesson 10: The Pros and Cons of Starting a Facebook Group
3 mins
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Are You Ready to Discover How To Start, Launch and Grow Your Own Thriving Facebook Group For Your Business?

This is the missing puzzle piece for so many businesses. Turn those followers into real fans, and finally figure out a true direction for your company.

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